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2020, The Year of the Crypto Wager

2020 is here and the world of sports is in full gear this January. The NFL Playoffs are about to begin, NBA is well underway, NCAA Basketball Conference play has begun, NHL is nearing the All-Star break, and Champions League Soccer knockout stages are about to heat up! There is plenty to wager on this winter and the best place to find a casino is over at

Check out CryptoChillz for an aggregate of great casino’s and sports books. has an aggregate of all of the best places to hangout and wager on your favorite sports. It also makes it easy to find the best cryptocurrency related casinos and sports-books on the web, merging two passions for the enthusiasts that like to keep their wagers confidential or just enjoy the ease of cryptocurrency use.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and bitpay are all listed on the website. These make placing wagers in 2020 easier than ever and keep you out of old brick and mortar casinos with dirty chips and cigarette smoke filled rooms. Why not gamble in the luxury of your own home and enjoy gaming and relaxation around friends and family?

With the properties that cryptocurrencies provide, online commerce has never been easier! Quick, secure, anonymous transactions outside of traditional banking allow for players to enjoy placing a wager on their terms.

Head over to the site now and subscribe for the newsletter that will let you know about the best specials, sales, and events in the world of online gaming!

Remember to always do your own research in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community and only gamble in jurisdictions were it is legal. Gamble Responsibly 18+


Read More about online gaming and New Crypto Casinos at

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