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4,000 Days of Bitcoin Network Success

Less than a month away from bitcoin’s 11th birthday and just a couple of days [2] from 4,000 days of non-stop network success, the bitcoin community and network are stronger than ever.

When I first came across bitcoin in 2009 everyone was skeptical this experiment could succeed. It was difficult to even find information on this emerging phenomena known as a blockchain.

Bitcoin emerged out of a very bleak time for world economic powers. Bailouts for big banks and failed corporations, fascism by definition, is what lead to the culmination of a new network and new money that was a vision of an anonymous ‘character’ in this drama, Satoshi Nakamoto.

It was clear to anyone that read the bitcoin white paper in the early years that Satoshi or the group known as Satoshi were polymaths. His or their expertise was not limited to only computer science, economics, game-theory, etc.; moreover, the beauty of the bitcoin network was the perfect mixture of many fields and applied to perfection.

Very early on there was very little to read, watch, or listen to about bitcoin and blockchain and how it worked. Today, the top projects have so much news on a daily basis one can’t consume it all.

The BTC price today is hovering around $7,120.00, and bitcoin has been the best performing asset now for many years, with no signs of letting up.

Coin Dance Stats

Today there are a number of statistics that lead me to believe we are only on the cusp of the future of decentralized money. The expanding breadth of free-markets and value from the bitcoin network are yet in its infancy, so much more is on the way.

  1. Hash Power All Time High

  2. Aggregate $BTC Wallets All Time High

  3. 3rd Block Reward Halving 150 days

  4. Institutional Money

  5. Government Capitulation, Many Announcing Digital Currencies to Attempt Co-Opt

2009–2019 was certainly an exciting, rewarding decade for early adopters but it’s time to see the bitcoin space blossom into what it can truly be, the disrupting machine that eats up fiat currency and spits out satoshis it was borne to be.

Bitcoin is a store of value, it’s a medium of exchange, it’s a decentralized/immutable/fungible/portable/digitally scarce innovation and the hardest money the world has ever seen in just shy of eleven years — I can’t wait to see what the 2020s hold for the space. The freedom, free-markets, and wealth created in the next decade should be remarkable. Thanks to the early adopters and early foot solider’s that‘ve made this possible and their belief in freedom and sound money — many sacrifices have been made to make this work and we should all be grateful.


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