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Bitcoin - Real Hope, Not Empty Government Rhetoric

Bitcoin has evolved into the juggernaut many early and staunch anarcho capitalists and crypto anarchists believed it could become. Through the magic of cryptography, decentralization, and scarcity the world has gotten its soundest and most prolific money yet - all the while doing it while governments and their centralized - legacy paradigms implode around us in real time.

Bitcoin represents hope now but it has always represented hope. Hope is something different to different people, it is an abstract idea but so is Bitcoin. Bitcoin exists today in its current form and success because BTC’s earliest adopters hoped of a better monetary network and money to transmit without counter-party risk and centralized energy deficient waste [the state].

Today, Bitcoin is all grown up and heading into 2021 hope in the state is at an all-time low. During one of the worst years in recent recorded history, Bitcoin made its new ATH and continues its ascent to higher prices.

The Bitcoin community has changed a lot over the last decade but the decentralized community for the most part still represents hope. Not the rhetorical hope of politicians but hope in monetary energy that Nikola Tesla could be proud of and a money that’s nearly incorruptible and uncensorable.

The truth is that whomever said ‘Bitcoin has no top because fiat has no bottom’ is correct. States and their fiat decrees which include money decrees have no bottom and they always take their people down with them - don’t get rekt!

Bitcoin represents the beginning of the decentralized digital money epoch. The landscape is being built by people that generally don’t have a lot of laudatory praise for the state. These people want to build a better world for themselves and posterity through privatization. Privatized money is here now and these former ideas are no longer conjecture - with the growth of Ethereum and smart contracts my hope is the future of law too - can soon be decentralized. Of course these networks will need ChainLinks to validate data in countless circumstances in a decentralized and verifiably accurate fashion.

Next, we need 3rd party judiciaries to proffer adjudication as much as we need[ed] decentralized money. The blueprint for how to reach a competitive private law society doesn’t really exist but can be built - that’s really the point here, the market will most accurately distribute this system through voluntary exchange. Imagine the society we can build with private money and private law.

Hope for me lies in a decentralized world that respects property rights and the primacy of individuals over the mob’s whims. The ability to hold onto property outside of fiat decree is a beautiful innovation and can’t be overstated. A mixture of private money and law is the future and I’ve little doubt now the two naturally working in conjunction will give the world a lot of future hope and the realization of a better world of verifiably accurate property rights and therefore prosperity and peace.

R.L. Bryer has been following Bitcoin since 2009. He’s the Author of Blockchain: Project Renaissance Volume I and II and the Host of The Vires in Numeris Podcast. He’s also written for countless projects and outlets in the space. Today he’s most interested in the emergence of privacy coins as the most proficient medium of exchange, the potential for decentralized private-law societies and interoperability through ground-breaking middleware changing the world’s entire financial system forever.

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