Bitcoin Rhodium’s [XRC] Strong Hands Programme

Bitcoin Rhodium XRC has an extremely unique use case in the cryptocurrency realm and created real value through utility with their blockchain. I wrote last week about how Bitcoin Rhodium is its own proprietary blockchain and not a fork of Bitcoin. There are many interesting aspects to XRC but the real value comes from the privacy they’re implementing, their close ties with FreeMarket One and that first of a kind P2P exchange of precious metals through the XRC blockchain they’re working diligently to create now. Another aspect of their success over the first few years of their project is the Strong Hands Programme.

The Strong Hands Programme is a free participation opportunity where XRC holders can earn more XRC by merely holding the coin and ‘participating’ in the programme. The rewards for holding through the program are distributed quarterly or every 3 months. The reward attributions are 16,072 XRC during each 3 month span. This opportunity affords holders to earn .5% or 30% on XRC each calendar year.

It is important to note that any wallet address with a negative balance movement [spending your XRC] will disqualify you for that 3 month cycle of the Strong Hands Programme. There is nothing that XRC holders need to do to enter the programme specifically; moreover, any XRC holder with a wallet address will automatically be enrolled and claim rewards through the given cycle without a negative balance movement. This is essentially an exercise in interest but in the crypto-sphere where many investors hold longterm regardless of incentives.

Examples [A:] 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1: 100 XRC without negative movements. Rewarded on 100 XRC

[B:] 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1: 120 XRC without negative movement (receive 20 during period): Rewarded on 100 XRC

[C:] 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1: 150 XRC transfered out 20 (left empty), transfered in 30 during quarter: No reward

[D:] 10/1: 0 XRC, 1/1: 100 XRC transfered in 100 XRC: No reward

[E:] 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1 100 XRC transfered out 20 on 10/5 and transfered in 100 on 11/10: No reward

An address with zero balance on 10/1 gets no reward no matter what.

The Crypto Trinity

Bitcoin Rhodium believes that through the properties of XRC, BTC, LTC, a crypto trinity can emerge. The goal or ethos of the crypto trinity is that each project can leverage their strength’s to create a better blockchain experience and overall network environment.

The white paper suggests XRC’s role in the crypto trinity is emerging as a longterm play for those investors and early cryptocurrency adopters with a low degree of time preference. As a long-term security investment, XRC holders will potentially benefit from only 2.1 total supply of Bitcoin Rhodium, close association with FreeMarket One with P2P metal swaps on the XRC blockchain, and a team hungry for success. Continuing, it’s thought, Bitcoin [BTC] will continue to emerge as a solid store of value and etch its place in history with first mover advantage. Litecoin [LTC] will continue the path its on as a premium payment network that settles payments as a medium of exchange. Currently, Litecoin’s use case is such, and it settles payments as good as any other project in the crypto space and has nearly 9 years of empirical data behind it as a proven project that can endure.

Through interoperability [blockchains communicating with each other] the utility and therefore network value of each will rise. It is important that proprietary chains continue to advance their cause and take on specific measures that move the space forward; furthermore, the crypto trinity is a great example of how each blockchain can have a more specialized and specific use case to achieve market aims more quickly. This is the future of the blockchain space, with second and third layer scaling and dApps the real value will be created, we’re still in the infancy of the true network value of these individual / proprietary blockchains.

Next week we will delve into how Bitcoin Rhodium is mined and more specifics on the technical specifications. This project is moving very quickly so there is a lot to cover each week. Please make sure to subscribe here on Medium for all of the latest updates on XRC.

Current XRC Price: $5.13

All Time High: $36.84

Monthly +/- : +19.86%

Market Capitalization: $4.4 million

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