Bitcoin Rhodium XRC

Bitcoin Rhodium XRC is its own proprietary blockchain that has a capped supply of 2.1 million. 

The Bitcoin Rhodium blockchain hashing algorithm is PoW [proof-of-work] X13 and the average block interval target is a rate of 10 minutes. Difficulty adjustments for the XRC blockchain are post every 2016 blocks found and the block size is 4MB.

XRC Tokenomics

Bitcoin XRC is a rare commodity that currently has less than 1 million in circulation and hopes to emerge as a store of value for blockchain and money enthusiasts that are paving the way in the cryptocurrency space. 

Currently there are 835,475 XRC in circulation with a total supply of 1,182,475 XRC. The Bitcoin Rhodium market cap is $5.33 million dollars and currently sits at $6.38 per unit.

The all time high for XRC is $49.32 and it reached its all time high on 14 April, 2019.

XRC Utility / Privacy Plans / Mining Pools 

The Bitcoin Rhodium team has dedicated their efforts towards even greater success in innovating new ways to provide utility to the market. Team XRC has announced on their website Bitcoin Rhodium will join one of the privacy communities in the near future [CoinJoin, Confidential Transactions, or MimbleWimble]. 

Through XRC's addition of one of the privacy staples in the blockchain space, the freedom of individuals to transact without prying eyes is enabled. This is a lynchpin in the quest for sound money and freedom and another notch in XRC's belt of utility provided.

The Bitcoin Rhodium team also has 5 different pools that miners eager to get their hands on XRC can join. XRC mining pools include: XRC Pool, BSOD Pool, Mining Dutch Pool, Zergpool Pool, Zpool Pool. 

Strong Hands Programme & Lowering XRC Holders Time Preference 

The XRC that have currently been mined but are not in circulation are being held in the Strong Hands Programme. The Strong Hands Programme encourages XRC proponents to lock up their coins and not spend them. The idea is that by encouraging XRC holders to not spend their coins and hold them for extended periods of time that the scarcity of XRC will drive the price higher in unison with utility of Bitcoin Rhodium growing as well. 

Bitcoin Rhodium XRC Roadmap

Q1: [1.] Ledger Wallet Support - Third party Ledger wallet integrations is in progress. Expected Q1 2020 (delivery term is on 3th party company). [2.] SSL XRC NODE COMMUNICATION - We will continue with improvements of XRC node security. We are going to add SSL to encrypt XRC node network communication. [3.] WASABI WEB + WALLET - New Wasabi wallet with first anonymization support. [4.] FREE MARKET ONE - Second alpha version of FreeMarket.One.

Q2: [1.] GRACE PERIOD - Grace period 1/4/2020–4/4/2020 for moving your funds to other wallets without demand to Strong Hand Program. [2.] WASABI WALLET - BIP 47, STONEWALL, RICOCHET - Implementing new privacy features in Wasabi, such as those in Samourai (BIP 47, Stonewall, Ricochet). [3.] FREE MARKET ONE - First beta version of FreeMarket.One. [4.] PRESENTATION OF NEW ROADMAP - With capacity building stage completed, we will adjust the scope of our activities to be more user-centered and oriented on utilizing the potential in developing the Bitcoin Rhodium ecosystem.

Bitcoin Rhodium Ambassador Program & Bounty Program

Are you a serious early adopter of blockchain technology and do you love XRC and the project's ethos? Bitcoin Rhodium has a new Ambassador Program for XRC enthusiasts. The Ambassador Program encourages enthusiasts and proponents of this new scarce digital asset to start local meet-ups and spread your knowledge about Bitcoin Rhodium with your community. Localization of blockchain knowledge will play a crucial role this decade in mass adoption.

The XRC Bounty Program is for those with social media clout that want to get involved in providing others with knowledge on Bitcoin Rhodium. More details on the XRC Bounty Program is here but it is inclusive to all with over 1,000 Twitter followers for example that want to participate and reap reward.

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