Bitcoin Rhodium [XRC] A Rundown

Bitcoin Rhodium is a PoW [proof-of-work] blockchain that is not a fork of the Bitcoin [BTC] blockchain. The Bitcoin Rhodium blockchain hashing algorithm is PoW [proof-of-work] X13 and the average block interval target is a rate of 10 minutes. Difficulty adjustments for the XRC blockchain are post every 2016 blocks found and the block size is 4MB.


Any miner that can run the hashing algorithm PoW X13 can mine Bitcoin Rhodium XRC. Currently, the miners that can operate this task and are most popular: CPU Miner-Multi, SGMiner (ATI GPU), CCMiner (NVIDIA GPU), Baikal miner.

XRC Community

The Bitcoin Rhodium XRC family launched their project to paraphrase their blog, as a way to provide financial inclusivity in a world where things are good but can be better in the age of globalization. By launching a successful blockchain project the team has increased the world’s inclusivity by another factor. Each successful project such as XRC with a great order of liquidity and a strong network provides the future with a plethora of financial freedom and options that past generations didn’t know were possible. The ability to store value and escape centralized debasement by the whim of central bankers world over is value that can’t be overstated.

XRC Block Size

The Bitcoin [BTC] block size is 1MB and it has been argued that when network popularity is at its peak that BTC struggles as a medium of exchange on-chain. Since Bitcoin Rhodium launched more recently, they decided to implement a larger block size in hopes of scaling better for transactions than alternatives in layered scaling like Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.


Bitcoin Rhodium has a total supply of 2.1 million XRC that will ever occur in circulation. The distribution of that supply is quite interesting and encourages many to get involved in the XRC ecosystem through different mediums. The supply will enter circulation as follows: 50% of XRC will be mineable [1,050 000], 28% will be airdropped to users [582,857], 12% in 8 years investment [257,143], 5% pre-mined for PR [105,000], 5% pre-mined for development [105,000].

Currently, there are 840,000 XRC in circulation. This circulating supply puts XRC in an extremely low percentile in contrast of many other projects today. Many projects in the space have teams that get rich off of flooding the market with their coins. The Bitcoin Rhodium team has taken an opposite avenue in regards to supply and by minimizing the supply, only 1/10th of Bitcoin [BTC], the project has a better chance of being realized as a scarce digital asset over time and perceived as legitimate as the breadth of XRC’s market capitalization continues.

Privacy — Future of Bitcoin Rhodium & Anonymity

Privacy is an aspect that XRC proponents are very excited about. In an era where privacy is a dying liberty, Bitcoin Rhodium has noted in their white paper they’ll implement some sort of privacy featured protocol in the future. Bitcoin Rhodium will join one of the following anonymity spaces: CoinJoin, Confidential Transactions, or MimbleWimble. is the marketplace where XRC can really flourish by mixing fast transactions, store of value of a scarce digital asset, and the precious metals market. The vision of XRC and is to provide a market that is secured by cryptography and privacy to users that wish to barter for physical assets without ever knowing one another. The value here is off of the charts and could be regarded as one of the best innovations in the blockchain space of date if executed as designed. Barter will grow increasingly more popular once again as we delve further into the digital epoch since the world is shrinking and becoming increasingly connected through blockchains as a medium.

Wallets That Support XRC

Bitcoin Rhodium XRC is supported by numerous different wallets currently and even has its own proprietary web wallet. XRC is already supported by some of the best wallets in the cryptocurrency space. The team continues to execute their roadmap towards even further options for market participants.

Currently XRC is supported by the Electrum Wallet, Full Node Wallet, Trezor Hardware Wallet, Web Wallet, Magnum Wallet, Android Mobile Wallet, and iOS Mobile Wallet.

At time of press, XRC is just outside of the top 500 cryptocurrencies on the market and $5.07 per unit with $29.59k USD of Volume the last 24 hours.

Exchanges and Trading Pair

If you’re interested in trading Bitcoin Rhodium XRC there are quite a number of exchanges that currently have it listed with many trading pairs and many more on the road map. BISQ Network (BTC), TradeSatoshi (BTC, USDT, DOGE, ETH, LTC), P2PB2B (USD, BTC, ETH), FatBTC (BTC, CNY), WhiteBit (BTC, USD, ETH), HitBTC (BTC), Changelly (BTC, ETH, XRP, USD, EUR, GBP), Folgory (BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, USDC)

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