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BSOV Gets Listed on Mercatox - Price Spikes 82%

BitcoinSOV is an ERC-20 that launched on 6/17/19 and is made up of enthusiastic blockchain early adopters throughout the world. The ethos or ideals that BSOV proponents encourage and hope to spread are those of deflation and sound money. This has been another quite successful week to add to an already successful start to the 2020 BSOV campaign. March 5, 2020, Q1, BSOV was listed to (CEX) with two trading pair for starters. Listing & Trading Pairs 

Currently, BSOV is tradable against Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] on The listing fees for the exchange were paid out of the community's pocket and were donated funds to get this important listing. Those interested in BitcoinSOV should head over to the exchange and check out the listing - the market already appears to reacting positively to the news as BSOV is currently up 82.2% the last 24 hours, $0.04423927 per unit.

While many of the first cryptocurrency projects focused on cryptocurrency as a first application and primarily a medium of exchange, BSOV has decided a decentralized community driven store of value is their man goal. Furthermore, there isn't a Blockstream entity or Ethereum Foundation for example that make many of the decisions on where the BSOV project will be moving in the future. All decisions are made by the community and consensus is reached before any large decisions are made.

BitcoinSOV Off & Running in 2020

The BitcoinSOV momentum is continuing into the end of Q1 of 2020 strongly. The BSOV team is currently in talks with further exchanges about getting BSOV listed to create more options for cryptocurrency and BSOV advocates to utilize. The team hopes this momentum soon gets them listed on some of the most utilized market capitalizations sites so further blockchain and cryptocurrency advocates can find BSOV.

By allowing more blockchain and cryptocurrency early adopters to participate in BSOV the pursuit of a further deflationary community and ecosystem grows over time. The roadmap of the BitcoinSOV community is one of patience but to strike when the opportunity is right. Since the BitcoinSOV project is entirely community driven and not in one centralized CEO's hands, it's integral to the success of BSOV that funds are not wasted and community donations are appropriated properly.

The above text is from the BSOV website, they're dedicated to keep the community up to date on the details of the projects and where all funds have gone and will continue to go when utilized.

Contract Status

Below is the current contract status for those that wish to participate in mining BitcoinSOV or are just interested in the technicals of the project.

Current Contract Status at press.

Block distribution / Block count / % of Total / Hashrate estimation

BitcoinSOV Statistics / Token Burning / Schedule / SovCube 1.0

The BitcoinSOV Stats are available here.

As you can see nearly half of 1% of the total mined BSOV have been burnt and are out of the money supply forever. It will be interesting to see which project is more scare in 100 years when the projected BSOV last block will be mined, BTC or BSOV. The completion of BTC’s monetary supply today is project a bit later than BSOV’s but with the acceleration of technology it’s hard to say what will happy ten decades from now.

One thing is certain, the supply of BSOV will be scarce if this project continues its success. Currently, 26.14% of the created supply is locked up and out of circulation in a program the team call’s SovCube 1.0. This program shows the rest of the cryptocurrency ecosystem the dedication that the BSOV swarm has to deflationary money by locking up their tokens for an arranged period.

BitcoinSOV’s SovCube 2.0 Program is in the works currently and more will be released on it in coming months.

The Petition for Deflationary Money through BSOV @

Check out the resources at the bottom of the BSOV page under Quick Links. There, you’ll find some of the most important links to the project which includes a petition for deflationary money. Consider signing the petition and sharing it on your social media if you want to stop the theft being perpetrated by central banks and central bankers that are looting generations around the world.

It’s through these peaceful and knowledgeable acts that the world will be shaped and turned into a freer society that can store wealth over time and build a better and more prosperous future.

BitcoinSOV Links:







BSOV’s Burning Handbook for Deflationists

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