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CasinoCoin — A Revolutionary Gaming Experience

Over the last nearly 11 years now, starting with bitcoin and onward, blockchains have begun to change the world. The world is shaped much by the businesses that are developed and the utility they provide to market participants. Online gaming has been an internet hit for the last few decades but only blockchain technology can take it to the next level.

Enter CasinoCoin, the blockchain that’s optimizing the online gaming experience for customers in all applicable regions. With built in KYC and responsible gaming functionality, CasinoCoin’s team is providing an experience unrivaled across the brick and mortar and internet gaming scene.

GoodGaming is launching a new online casino brand that is powered by none other than CasinoCoin, the premier gaming crypto that’s had quite a stellar run over the last week upon this news.

Licensing of the new casino has been overseen by Blockchain Isle of Man who have been integral in setting the standard for online gaming regulation and are paving the way for the merge of cryptocurrency and gaming use cases.

CasinoCoin has been a big hit in the last few weeks and the price has been steadily climbing upward with over 17% gains in the last 24 hours. The gaming crypto is also up nearly 9% against bitcoin.

The future of money is digital and the future of gaming is online; moreover, this will all seem quite obvious in the future that leaders like CasinoCoin got it right and paved the way in improving the online gaming experience for millions of eager players.

Over the next few months there will be many new developments released from CasinoCoin and I’ll cover each of these emerging revelations on the future of gaming as they break.

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