Comparing Epic Cash to Bitcoin and Monero

Today, it’s hard to remember a world with just one cryptocurrency but that’s how the space started 11 years ago. Now, there are 5,464 alternatives to fiat currencies and commodity monies.

Bitcoin wasn’t an obvious success in the early years, it was a niche group mostly comprised of cypherpunks, anarcho-capitalists, and Austrian School of Economics proponents looking for an alternative to paper monies by state decree. It didn’t take long for competition in the cryptocurrency space to arise however and that’s where we are today. Furthermore, this is the age of limitless competition in money and this will undoubtedly benefit us all. Almost anyone can make an ERC-20 token today and create a cryptocurrency of their own but only a select few have real utility and are not only speculative devices.

Bitcoin is the king of the cryptocurrency space but is an older technology. There’s a very good chance it will continue to emerge as digital gold during the 2020s and onward but as a medium of exchange some alternatives are better.

The largest setback for Bitcoin is privacy. Bitcoin was thought to be private in the early days but it’s quite the opposite. From the public exposure of the BTC blockchain quite a few problems can arise.

One problem that stems from a lack of privacy is fungibility and tainted coins. Fungibility hasn’t played a major role in the blockchain space yet but as more governments grow concerned about increased exposure by their populace to cryptocurrencies, some will react unfavorably. What’s worse, people who unknowingly buy tainted coins can have them blocked when they try to exchange them. Many problems with a dearth of privacy exist but a second example is a lack of privacy by companies that wish to pay their employees in cryptocurrency. A public blockchain allows co-workers to compare wages for example and know the wealth held in Bitcoin by associates. Competitors can track supplier and customer activity. These are just a few examples of the problems with public blockchains but many more already exist and will arise in coming years.

User security is where Epic Cash and Monero gain traction over Bitcoin and its first mover advantage. These are two examples of privacy coins and within the privacy spectrum they also differ in modality.

Monero launched in 2014 and was the first privacy coin to gain popular usage amongst privacy advocates. It has been a solid staple in the cryptocurrency space since and has worked well. It too isn’t without pitfalls however and Monero doesn’t have the ability to scale quite as well as today’s preeminent privacy protocol, mimblewimble.

The mimblewimble protocol has taken the most important aspects of many projects that’ve been developed for the last two decades and combined them into one. Arguably, the most integral aspect of mimblewimble’s advantage over Monero [and BTC alike] is the cut-through process that is included in the protocol.

The mimblewimble cut-through enables blocks to maximize space by only storing current balances instead of all historical transactions and therefore generates higher transaction throughput while optimizing user privacy. This is a stark advantage for a new technology and a space that needs more nodes. With full blocks transactions get stuck in the mempool on the BTC blockchain. The mempool is basically the memory of the blockchain that hasn’t been written to disk yet as an example. The mempool is equivalent to ram or working space on your computer. It’s a place where they’re temporarily stored and with mimblewimble and Epic Cash they have an immediate home and storage isn’t delayed.

The ability for everyone to carry a node on mobile with them at all times is incoming; moreover, mimblewimble enables Epic Cash to do such and with proper privacy and scaling potential. Epic Cash integrated Bitcoin’s monetary policy of 21 million coins with the most efficient and private blockchain yet. A clear advantage was thus born over Bitcoin and Monero from the onset of Epic’s fair launch, September, 2019.

Epic Private Internet Cash mixes the best aspects of cryptocurrencies and rolls them into one. The privacy, scalability, and fixed supply of 21 million coins makes Epic Cash the future of money. Epic Cash can potentially be the most important tech to be developed and utilized for free market use cases over the next decade and that’s real value.

Transaction Details: BTC : Public Monero : Stealth Epic Cash : Private


BTC : 21 mil hard cap

Monero : 18 million with 157,680 inflation per annum 

Epic Cash : 21 mil finite supply

Security — Consensus Algorithm BTC : PoW — SHA-256 (ASIC only) Monero : PoW — RandomX (CPU only) Epic Cash : PoW — RandomX, ProgPow, CuckAToo31+ (CPU, GPU, ASIC)

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