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Cryptoetch — A Private Key / Data Safehaven [Free Kits Giveaway!]

The popularity of bitcoin and cryptocurrency are at an all-time high! As more new faces pile into the space, it’s important they understand how integral protection of their private keys is to the security of their wealth over time and the best methods of doing such.

Today, as we close out 2019 and are less than 2 weeks from 2020, there are many alternatives for protection of your private keys and I’ve seen most. But one method in particular has caught my eyes over the last year. The method that stands head and shoulders above competition is produced and meets market demand in Switzerland — Cryptoetch.

Cryptoetch allows for the physical security of otherwise digital data and human beings have had far more experience securing tangible goods than digital ones.

This kit produced by Cryptoetch is considerably cheaper than the competition (only CHF 35) and you can store up to 4 x 24 word mnemonics phrases — so, this unit also packs more utility than the competitors on the market.

The great people at Cryptoetch were kind enough to send me one of their stainless steel kits to try their product out for myself — and I’m quite impressed with this easy to use kit.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency hardware wallets which are merely plastic, Cryptoetch enables users of their kit to sleep well knowing their private keys or other sensitive data are fireproof, waterproof and etched in steel on a stainless steel tablet. I thought maybe the engraving process would be time consuming but it was much easier than anticipated [being a beginner at this task] and I really enjoyed it.

Each kit is sent out by Cryptoetch quickly from their factory in Switzerland and sent out to customers world over — I received my kit in less than 10 days in the United States.

Cryptoetch has also been kind enough to provide my audience with a giveaway of 5 kits! Like and Retweet this article for awareness and thanks for the giveaway, more details about the giveaway are at the end of this article.

Inside each Cryptoetch kit is a series of tools used to fashion your private keys into a fail-proof tangible good in terms of disasters outside of physical theft.

Kits include

-Varnished credit card sized metal plate

-Engraving tip

-2 cables

-2 batteries

-50ml salt water solution

-50ml acetone

Note: some jurisdictions do not allow for batteries and liquids to be delivered through mail but the bottles are included. The other products can be found at any major brick and mortar department store and are low cost.

Below for example, is a finished engraved method by Cryptoetch. It’s not only private data but there are alternative use cases that can be fun as well, see below.

Over the past 11 years billions of dollars have been transferred into the digital realm and more is on the way. It will be up to the earliest adopters of this space to engrain in the mind of the novice and latecomers how important and sensitive data truly is and the best method’s to store their keys. I recommend anyone serious about cryptocurrency and their data to give Cryptoetch a try and see what you think prior to a serious loss of data that could be quite painful.

For the GIVEAWAY, decrypt this encrypted text: FFUKMBXYSCWUJMT — decrypt it using the formula cos(3.12009)/2. You should start with the first digit after the comma and always combine two digits. Decryption Method:

Those who successfully decrypt the message and send it to Cryptoetch on Twitter through DM (after following Wladimir and Cryptoetch on Twitter) will receive a set FREE of charge!

Thank you, Cryptoetch for being so kind and providing these free kits!


Cryptoetch on YouTube, — this quick tutorial demonstrates the ease of this method and the fun results of making data tangible.

Twitter: Remember to Follow Wladimir [@Walodja1987] & Cryptoetch [@CryptoEtch] in addition to decryption of phrase prior to DM.

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