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If the last few months have taught humanity anything, it's the opportunity to earn a living can be pulled out from underneath any individual in the world on a whim. While, some may argue this is done for the 'common good' the result of billions of non-working people can't be seen immediately. Luckily, as the state continues its' onslaught against civil liberties and storing value in fiat currency in unison, blockchain tech advocates and the free-market are always a step ahead and carving out the future of freedom.

The Epic Cash community is working on solutions that result in the production of value but also the ability to store said value as well. The balance or natural order that arrives spontaneously through free- markets results in private money. Epic Cash is here to provide an exodus to the current state paradigm of over-reach and monetary debasement through the most cutting edge blockchain technology of today.

Epic Cash is a mimblewimble protocol based cryptocurrency that launched in September of 2019 on the back of a decentralized community the world over. The Epic Cash community decided to take on the problem of private transactions. Privacy is integral to freedom and is becoming increasingly understood as a past-time in this digital epoch. 

Technology has the ability to take liberties away but it also has a great ability to improve our lives if we're knowledgeable about which technology to embrace. While Bitcoin, the world's first cryptocurrency solved many of the problems of digital money, it failed in the aspect of privacy.

Through privacy we gain the ability to transact peer to peer and voluntarily. Voluntary transactions are the lynchpin of capitalism and wealth creation. Any addition of a third party intermediary denies the spontaneous order of markets and prying eyes are counter-party risks to our freedoms. Epic Cash enables users to send money almost instantaneously around the world for nearly zero fees and with the privacy we all deserve.

Through mimblewimble protocol it masks sender and receiver addresses and encourages value transfer without worry of someone knowing your location or wealth. This sort of innovation is truly remarkable and is the future money of free people. The polar opposite of this, is a central bank currency that can trace everything you do on a public blockchain. The more counter parties know about you, the more collateral they've to control and destroy spontaneous order.

It's out of spontaneous order that the built in mechanism of free markets flourish and all things are produced to better humanity and raise our living standards. 

Over the last month the United States alone has added over $1 Trillion Dollars to its' national debt. That is the U.S. alone; moreover, most of the world's central banks are printing money as well. 

Now more than ever individuals must opt for freedom and free-markets to encourage wealth and financial sovereignty. The tools for these aims have been built over the last decade and are at our disposal. They were built out of the last financial crisis of 2008 and are constantly becoming more powerful. It's up to individuals to pave the proper course towards freedom and swerve the totalitarian states and digital central banked currencies before us.

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