Epic Cash — Listed on CoinMarketCap!

Epic Cash, a Mimblewimble protocol privacy coin that launched early last September 2019 has been putting in a lot of work and it’s being noticed.

Epic Cash has been listed on a number of market capitalization sites around the world but has now been added to the prestigious and most popular market cap site of record, CoinMarketCap.

The listing happened on Monday, 14 April, 2020.

Epic Cash could arguably rise to the top of the Mimblewimble and privacy coin ranks. The Epic community mixed Bitcoin’s 21 million finite supply with Mimblewimble protocol to improve on one of Bitcoin’s debated shortcomings — fungibility and the ability to transact privately.

They also utilize 3 different hashing algorithms which encourages GPU, CPU, & ASIC mining. The variation provides network consensus but also enables decentralization, inclusion, and competition. For more on the specific hashing algorithms and the project, check out their site at epic.tech.

R.L. Bryer is the Author of Blockchain: Project Renaissance I & II in which he details how free-markets can operate and flourish under a Bitcoin embraced society. His books have sold in over 40 countries throughout the world and he‘s written for countless projects in the blockchain technology space. He’s also the Host of The Vires in Numeris Podcast. His books, articles, & podcast are all available @ Bryer.io. Bryer is a community member of Epic Cash and has an Epic holding at the time of this article.

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