Epic Private Internet Cash Exclusively Meets the Properties of Sound Money in The Digital Epoch

Epic Private Internet Cash is a PoW Mimblewimble code based cryptocurrency that launched in September of 2019. It’s team is comprised of a wholly decentralized community the world over.

The Epic Cash blockchain unlike some other MW projects in the space was off to a fair launch from the onset. There was no pre-mine or allocation for early community members or project leads attributed to them with the genesis block.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies in the space that use airdrops to distribute coins and get communities excited about their particular blockchain, Epic Cash is focused on privacy and sound monetary policy to sell itself. There wasn’t a marketing team for Bitcoin and good projects sell themselves with strong attention to details.

Composition of Sound Money in The Digital Epoch:

[1.] Private [2.] Scarcity [3.] Fungibility [4.] Portability [5.] Divisibility [6.] Durability [7.] Extensibility

[1.] Privacy is not one of Aristotle’s properties of sound money or often talked about in Austrian Economics but will become more evident in importance in the coming decade. Through privacy markets can grow in breadth internationally and money can function in a censorship resistant fashion. Under traditional money, Bitcoin, and the vast majority of blockchain projects, the dearth of privacy has and will cause future problems for individuals in countless variations. Whether it is prying eyes online or just someone accounting for payroll of other co-workers on the Bitcoin blockchain, this sort of problem has been solved with MW and Epic Cash.

[2.] Scarcity is the most important of all characteristics of sound money for all epochs. Without a scarce supply that can’t be easily inflated, the trust in value over time dwindles and an increased rate of social time preference creeps in. That increase in time preference encourages current consumption to future consumption; moreover, with the long term cost being a drastic reduction in future consumption. With a finite supply of 21 million coins, Epic Cash encourages community members like with Bitcoin to store their value over time in money that has a set monetary emission schedule and open source network that’s subject to checks and balances.

[3.] Fungibility is another of Aristotle’s principles of money that’s remained integral to good money. While Bitcoin has emerged as the world’s preeminent money to date, in the future the stage is set for a dearth of fungibility to hurt the Bitcoin community. The future of money will be more privacy focused and Epic Cash is laying the groundwork for the next decade. Tainted coins are impossible through Epic Cash since sender / receiver can’t be determined and there’s no trace of who held coins before you. This is crucial to keep the coins fungible and every coin equal.

[4.] Portability in the cryptocurrency era is one of the most important properties. Combining portability and privacy increase the ability for markets to rise and create wealth not before conceived possible. The portability of Epic Cash and the privacy layer allows for remittance across the world and creates a borderless system of spontaneous order and peak efficiency of resources.

[5.] Divisibility is another metric for sound money and one that cryptocurrencies and Epic Cash do better than any other money. Epic Cash is divisible up to 8 decimals and through this micro-payments can be made and settled without 1 block on the Epic Cash blockchain.

[6.] Durability is a digital epoch in regards to money is tightly aligned with the security of the network. Epic Cash has utilized 3 different hashing algorithms to ensure inclusivity in the ecosystem. Through this inclusivity the strength of the Epic Cash network will continue to grow stronger and more durable over time.

[7.] Extensibility is a new characteristic and an attribute of sound money for the digital epoch only. Extensible money means relies on the ability to program new attributions to the cryptocurrency and make it significantly more reliable in one or more of the other characteristics mentioned. The more extensible the money, the more malleable it will be over its lifespan.

Having a proper monetary policy, the only Mimblewimble blockchain with 3 different hashing algorithms to reach network consensus [meaning peak decentralization and inclusion], and meeting the properties of sound money better than any other cryptocurrency, Epic Private Internet Cash has a bright future. Just today, a new high price was made since listed on CoinMarketCap and the community continues to grow in numbers.

As more people continue to get interested in blockchain technology and the desire for mobile computing heats up, Epic Cash will have the opportunity to shine even further. Those that want to retain their right to privacy and verify their private transactions themselves will be able to run the Epic client on mobile and verify their transactions and validate everyone else’s taking security to a new level.

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