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ERC20 Tokenizing Sport — UFF Sports is a Game-Changer

It’s the dream of every sports fanatic from youth onward to own a sports franchise. You call the shots on buying, trading, selling — you’re in control of the destiny of the franchise, success rides upon your shot-calling.

With Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports that dream becomes a reality for the billions of sports fans and blockchain fanatics alike.

UFFS is launching their project atop the Ethereum blockchain that allows for virtual ownership of your favorite franchise, player, prospect, and more! This first of a kind ERC20 tokenized league will undoubtedly pave the way for the future of fantasy sports mixed with hard asset collectibles.

Check out the UFFS site and reserve your position today!

The tokenization of fantasy sports was only a matter of time and Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is making it a reality with a skilled core of ten blockchain, sports, and business enthusiasts. You can learn more about each individual of the UFFS team here.

Aside from launching the UFFS ERC20 atop of the Ethereum blockchain, the role of UFFS will be to ensure rewards are met for league success by securing funds on the blockchain; moreover, eliminating counter-party risks that exist in other fantasy leagues without UFFS blockchain settlement.

Just as in professional sports, owners of each franchise will be responsible for naming their franchise in collaboration with the UFFS. Owners will also be called on to develop their own logo and brand to encourage growth and merchandise sales.

The UFFS is truly an opportunity to get in from the ground floor of the future of fantasy sports gaming and own your portion of a league from the onset of launch. The Ethereum blockchain is also the perfect place for this league to take place. CryptoKitties was launched on as an ERC20 digital collectible and has had great success on the Ethereum network.

What we’ve learned over the last 4,000 days of the bitcoin network is digital scarcity has extreme value. 21 million is the finite supply of bitcoin, now attribute an even scarcer asset to fantasy sports which is also growing in popularity simultaneously with blockchain technology and you’ve something the market has yet to realize.

The first Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports Auction closes January 17, 2020 and will be focused on their hockey league. For more information sign up on their website, read the white paper, and join their Telegram for day to day news and giveaways.


Telegram: UFFS

Twitter: @uffsports

Youtube: UFFS

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