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Fantasy Sports Gaming is Coming to Blockchain in January 2020

Since 1962, fantasy sports have grown incrementally to become one of the most talked about aspects of the sporting world. The first fantasy league was an NFL dedicated football league that began with a small group of American friends and a New York City meet-up. Today, the fantasy world encompasses every continent and is more robust than ever. Major television and internet shows even have fantasy dedicated analysts covering the top picks for every game that week.

But what if the success of fantasy sports can be taken to another level? It can.

The Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports platform is launching in January 2020 and about to shake up the world of fantasy sports. UFFS is a blockchain based sports gaming platform that’s been built on the ethereum blockchain. This first of a kind product will allow fantasy sports fanatics to actually own franchises, players, and prospects through a process known as tokenization.

Each franchise, player, and prospect in the UFFS will be represented as a token, an ERC-20 that will be bought and distinguished by a users private key. This private key is like any other bitcoin or ethereum address and represents the value of each franchise, player, or prospect owned.

This is truly a revolutionary step in the world of fantasy sports. Prior to the UFFS, after each season a fantasy team was washed away and a person started anew the next year. In the Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports platform, each owner [investor] is the sole proprietary of their piece of the league forever. As long as they own the private key that corresponds to a particular part of the league, they can trade, sell, or hodl that asset for as long as they wish; moreover, thus, owning a stake in an actual part of a league — every sports fans dream is becoming a reality with the UFFS.

Over the next month I’m going to be publishing more about this up and coming ethereum project that has major promise to shake up fantasy sports forever and leave the old one and done fantasy leagues behind.

The first auction is January 17th, 2020 and will be dedicated to professional hockey but the Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports platform will be all inclusive and allow sports fans from all professional sports to become owners soon enough.

Check out the UFF Sports website below and join their Telegram for more information and conversations about the future of fantasy sports ownership and this innovative blockchain project.



Telegram: UFF Sports

Twitter: @uffsports

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