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First Tokenized Fantasy Sports Organization UFFS Launching ERC20

We’re only days away from the first fantasy sports gaming experience on the blockchain that the world has ever known. Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is launching their first ERC20 based auction on New Years Day, January 1, 2020.

The team at UFFS has done a remarkable job in preparing to launch the first of a kind tokenized fantasy sports game that will run on the Ethereum blockchain.

The leagues will include, prospects, current players, and franchises — all available for the average sports fan to purchase and become a franchise owner. With limited quantities of each tokenized asset, getting a shot from the onset of the auction will be integral to clutching onto your favorite club or player.

UFFS is holding a LIVE launch event on January 17, 2020. You can register today here to be one of the first to participate in the unquestionable future of fantasy sports.

Unlike typical fantasy leagues with a one and done format, UFFS will allow holders of tokens to create and build their franchise so that dynasties can be built and there are longterm stakes in the leagues.

Somewhere around 1/10th of the population already plays fantasy sports. The number of fantasy players has been steadily on the rise the last few decades and merging fantasy gaming with blockchain will undoubtedly be a giant leap with UFFS. The scarcity of the tokens available in UFFS will provide players with the same feel as the billionaires that run professional organizations. The ability to buy, sell, trade, move pieces around and those pieces actually being tokenized opens up endless possibilities for this innovative ERC20.

This format has been created by a core of sports enthusiasts that modeled the league around the experiences they’ve always wanted to share. This is the opportunity for critical fans that know they can do better than the sub-par owners of their favorite professional clubs. You can now put yourself in the boardroom, you’re the executive of your favorite franchise!

The first league to kick-off the UFFS Organization will be the hockey league. All other sports are going to follow, so fans of all walks will be able to enjoy the newest experience in fantasy sports.

Winners of the leagues will be rewarded for their conquests. Playoff Champions, each playoff-round win, teams entering the playoffs, Regular Season Champions, franchises are also rewarded for individual players and their accolades.

The last 11 years have proven to the world that blockchain is here to stay. Now, the fantasy sports realm is going to pour over into the blockchain space for the same reasons that many others are making the move, trust-minimization and tokenized value. Through UFFS and the ERC20, players will be able to play all over the world and can rely on the Ethereum blockchain to verify all league data, this is the future of fantasy sports gaming.


Telegram: UFFS

Twitter: @uffsports

YouTube: UFFS

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