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Flash-Go Faster!

Flash Coin is a reinvention of Litecoin in which the Flash Coin team designed the protocol for extremely fast settlements. I’ve personally been using Flash Coin for the last few years through their own innovative wallet [Flash Wallet] available in the iOS Apple Store and through Android’s Google Play Store that’s downloadable for free. In addition to the mobile application wallets, also has a web wallet available as well. I can honestly say that from my experience their slogan “go faster” isn’t a gimmick, the Flash network really does provide lightning quick settlement between users.


Flash has a finite supply of coins that are now all in circulation of 900,000,000. Its all time high in price was $.24 cents in January of 2018 and has been a staple in the crypto community since full launch in September 2016.


One of the best things that Flash Coin has done is get community members to engage others in Flash Coin by showing the utility it provides to merchants around the world. Built into the Flash Wallet is a P2p HTM application that allows merchants to offer their products to consumers anywhere in the world for Flash as payment. The ecosystem that team Flash has created is one that other blockchain projects should make note of and try to adopt for themselves.

Enabling Commerce

The true value of blockchain technology and its most important application, cryptocurrency, is the ability to free markets from the constraints of government and borders. Having Flash as a medium of exchange eliminates the barriers to entry that exist in traditional markets when buying and selling in a digital world economy. Moreover, the culmination of voluntary money and a voluntary marketplace that encourages economic activity between people in a trust minimized system is a peak into the future of our digital epoch that’s emerging before us.

The Flash team has focused on getting cryptocurrencies adopted in places that need them the most. There’s a team of representatives or community members throughout the world working for adoption of cryptocurrency and the Flash blockchain. One such group of community members is in Africa, the world’s most populated continent where Flash Coin has gained a lot of momentum in getting merchant adoption.


The core of Flash have also decided to market themselves to the sports world and have marketed to fight fans in MMA by getting their logo on the canvas for fights throughout the world.

Here to Stay

With a dedicated community and core team that are passionate about free markets and raising the standard for peaceful cooperation amongst communities and countries, Flash has a lot going for it. The tech is focused on quick payments which give it a true use case when using it for goods and services. The in wallet app which enables worldwide commerce is a true asset to any business free of charge and accessible to all with the application. Flash Coin, around now for nearly 3 1/2 years is a project to keep an eye on moving forward and project’s like Flash are the heartbeat of the blockchain technology community.

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