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Holiday Wagers are Going Decentralized

As we delve deeper into the era of decentralized money, through the beauty enabled by individual nodes spanning a highly decentralized and secure network, the goods and services that are readily available to consumers are growing more decentralized as a result.

New services such as those provided by New Crypto Casinos in coming years will become the norm. Today, however, New Crypto Casinos is at the innovative forefront of providing eager consumers with the ability to gamble in a decentralized fashion, global, seamlessly, and with trust-minimized money from the comfort of their own home.

Bitcoin provides the digital era with a money made for the digital age. As bitcoin and blockchain enable emerging markets, New Crypto Casinos will be there to provide services that many individuals enjoy to partake in. Furthermore, New Crypto Casinos goes further than a brick and mortar old world, smoke filled, location to gamble. New Crypto Casinos have enabled their customers to gamble on sports, roulette, poker, etc. on their affiliated and most trusted sites providing customers an experience not duplicable by competitors online.

By combining borderless/decentralized/immutable/durable/fungible money with internet gaming, New Crypto Casinos provides individuals with the freedom to wager without even leaving their couch. Bitcoin is just one of the cryptos they accept, Ethereum, and Litecoin are also widely used to wager.

This Christmas season is loaded with specials for everyone that enjoys gaming over at New Crypto Casinos. This is the perfect way for family to put some bitcoin or other cryptos in a game and solidify a family dispute over which team is superior. No more will there be debates over what the line on a particular game was over that frisky Christmas dinner.

Crypto Bet is one of the best online crypto based sportsbooks.

College Football Bowl Season is upon us, the UEFA Champions League knockout stages, the NHL is hitting it’s stride, and college basketball’s full court press is on with conference basketball games now heating up. The sportsbook scene has a game for everyone to enjoy.

Head over to their site and check out what the best online gaming experience yet has to offer while the Christmas bonuses are flowing.


Websites: New Crypto Casinos

​*Remember to always do your own research in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community and only gamble in jurisdictions were it is legal. Gamble Responsibly 18+

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