Revelation Coin is Merging Barter and MobileChain for a Voluntary Mobile Economy

Revelation Coin [RevCoin] is an ERC20 project that launched atop of the Ethereum blockchain and possibly will merge to its own proprietary chain after some time. RevCoin's thought behind launching as an ERC20 is most people are already prepared to send and receive ERC20 tokens through some medium such as MetaMask, Mist, mobile wallets, etcetera and gives the project a leg up in assimilation and adoption in the cryptocurrency space.

Designed for Success

It's integral to the success of any cryptocurrency project and not specific to RevCoin that an easy to use framework is in place for early blockchain adopters to utilize. When REV coins are airdropped enables a seamless process where the RevelationCoin team can easily distribute the coins to potential holders and enthusiasts. Airdropping to RevCoin holders is another way to spread the word about the project, often groups on social media focus on airdrops and this is another way to encourage community growth and participation in RevCoin.

RevCoin Provides an Alternative to Central Banked Economies

The RevCoin community believes that since our world has been decimated by the ills of central banking and monopolistic greed through state coercion and fascist corporate lobbyists, there will emerge the desire to get back to barter. RevelationCoin believes the endgame of central bankers is a one world currency that completely takes out the primacy of the individual and our ability to store the fruits of our labor while in concert eradicating the ability to transact freely.

RevCoin is the polar opposite of what traditional systems employ and wants to create a vibrant ecosystem that enables humanity to not only survive rough times but prosper in goods times as well. It's imperative to RevCoins success that each holder participates in the community and runs a node, this will be elaborated on more in the next article with MobileChain.

RevCoin & Their Barter System

RevCoin’s aim is to continue to develop their barter system that can counter the centralized growth and hopes for a one world system of globalization of enslavement. Control over the money supply is one, if not the primary way to manipulate the masses. If RevCoin is successful and provides an alternative to central banked money and a new economy of barter, the chances of decivilization and all that come with that are extremely minimized.

Free-markets and cooperation are natural and the best way to live amongst other people. However, dark forces behind states to generate one monolithic organism are well underway. A primary example of this system is the European Union. The argument goes that each step towards combining sovereign entities is one step towards a one world system and the EURO is an perfect example.

The idea is that all of these collective ‘Euro’ type collectives will emerge and then once they exist those collective bodies will then merge into one monolithic state brought on by some manmade orchestrated disaster. If a system like RevCoin which pushes barter for the digital epoch is not in place and running efficiently, society is entirely at the whim of paper money and at the reigns of the collective. Through RevCoin and MobileChain individuals and flourish and help one another and capitalism can operate spontaneously as intended.

A Increasingly Distributed Network

A major objective of Revelation Coin is to achieve a distributed and decentralized network simultaneously to insure intermediaries can’t stop the blockchain’s progress. As you can see in the diagram below, through a distributed system where users verify transactions the network grows in strength and security. The more users RevCoin gains, the more likely the success of the network with each node running a copy of the blockchain’s ledger.

Is the Financial Crisis Here?

It‘s becoming more and more apparent to anyone not living under a rock or the non-television crowd that doesn’t watch mainstream media, the world is on the brink of a major financial crisis. In the past two weeks we’ve seen some of the darkest days in the U.S. Stock Market’s history and the darkest may lie ahead yet.

For the first time in history the U.S. 10 Year Treasury Bond Yield is less than .5% and the market has made record lows in back to back weeks by different metrics.

All over the world central banks have states extremely over-leveraged with debt. Just this month the Federal Reserve cut interest rates by half a basis point and rumors are they’ll follow up in less than two weeks with another cut of .75%.

The problems are only getting worse too with the economy, since my last article about RevCoin. It’s important during times like this that alternatives such as RevCoin and barter are available to everyone that wants to opt out and these systems that are well underway for a hedge against hyperinflation caused by debt based currency.

Revelation Coin & its Supplementary Coins

The vast majority of cryptocurrency projects decide to use a sole standard unit and don’t have multiple denominations. RevelationCoin has decided to take a unique approach to becoming a medium of exchange and providing RevCoin proponents with 4 alternatives or supplementary coins with 4 different supplies for each coin in addition to the main cryptocurrency, Revelation Coin.

Revelation Coin has a total supply of 20 billion coins and each supplementary tier that follows has a lower supply than the one before it.

Revelation Xtra Coins and total supplies: Rev Silver (REVS) has a supply of 7,000,000 Rev Gold (REVG) has a supply of 700,000 Rev Platinum (REVP) has a supply of 70,000 Rev Diamond (REVD) has a supply of 7,000

Through multiple tiers RevCoin and its 4 supplementary coins will allow for transactions to take place through large and small denominations. The goal is match RevCoin with MobileChain and create the most compelling ecosystem in the blockchain space. I’ll be covering more on MobileChain in the next article but MobileChain is the lynchpin to the architecture of this organism. Through MobileChain each node is constantly on the move and can be taken with users in their pocket.

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