RevelationCoin & MobileChain Merge — Blockchain, Mobile Phones, & Barter

RevelationCoin is a new ERC20 based blockchain project that is working on being the first successful mobile device exclusively driven blockchain. RevelationCoin / MobileChain are working on a bartering system that will take commerce back to P2p [peer to peer] interaction but world over, instantaneous, and without borders in this digital epoch.

With an increasingly larger mobile phone network and a comparably smaller number of personal computers being bought today, the RevelationCoin & MobileChain community’s believe now is the time to strike on a distributed blockchain network utilizing mobile phones.

The future of computing today is increasingly more and more of the mobile phone and tablet variety; moreover, more people are ditching traditional personal computers and taking their business with them in their pockets. Mobile phones today are more powerful than the best computer was only a few years ago. The ability to do high-speed processing and the connectivity available today increases the productive breadth of all sharing this beautiful network. Revelation Coin believes it can tap into this network and increase everyone’s marginal productivity and wealth by replacing archaic methodologies. The Revelation Coin Project believes they can accomplish this feat by providing users with a distributed ledger blockchain that connects the world through the power of mobile phones and is therefore highly portable.

Side-stepping Central Banks & Debasement of Fiat

When Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin fame solved the double-spend problem the future of money changed forever. The genie is now out of the proverbial bottle and man can once again control his money. Today, there are only 3 countries that don’t have a central bank; Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Every other nation on earth is being controlled by central planners that are racing against other central planners across borders to debase fiat money against the other and thus export debt. This is the essence of fiat money, throughout history it has always been debased and then led to a currency collapse. This scenario that has repeated over and over throughout history is an experiment that our wise overlords just can’t seem to avoid no matter how tragic the outcome. Governments and central banks around the world employ this method because it’s easier for them to transfer wealth over time without the average person recognizing their purchasing power and money is being stolen.

Blockchain technology and projects such as Revelation Coin are working towards a future where the primacy of the individual is sacrosanct and the the fruits of each individual’s labor belong to that individual and can’t be debased or stolen through inflating the monetary supply.

Technological Laws

There are a few technological laws that describe this phenomena of distributed systems and the processing power that drives them. A great deal of value stems from mobile phones; moreover, value that will only increase as blockchains are built to be optimized utilizing mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Metcalfe’s Law

Metcalfe’s law states the effect of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2). From the onset, this law described network connectivity in regards to Etherenet purchases but as the internet began to grow in scale it was quickly relatable more to the vast internet web throughout the world and its power.

Today, with the maturation of the internet, this law is visible in everyday life no matter where you go. As the internet grew up, so did the mobile phone industry and the two culminated. The effect that mobile phones with internet connectivity have had is incalculable. Over time a similar phenomena will occur with the addition of blockchains like Revelation Coin that can potentially take security and trust minimized money to the next level.

Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law refers specifically to transistors, which switch electrical signals on and off so that devices can process information and perform tasks. The transistors serve as the building blocks for the processors or brains inside all of our smartphones, tablets and digital gadgets.

Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles about every two years. As a result of this feat that only capitalism and the free-market can bare, the cost of computers is halved and available to more people across the world. Gordon E. Moore, the co-founder of Intel, made this observation that became Moore’s Law in 1965. Another tenet of Moore’s Law says that the growth of microprocessors is exponential. While some dispute that the growth is exponential, the growth that Moore’s law defines has undeniably shaped the last half century of computing and therefore the world.

With more mobile phones than computers now encompassing the world, theoretically, a future could emerge where the most secure blockchain is one that lends itself to mobile computing. MobileChain enables all that have a smartphone to become a node on their network.

Today, it is already possible to get a mobile phone that runs a full Bitcoin node. This is the perfect example of Moore’s law and the power that a tiny phone now has to compute while remotely connected to the internet. With the ability for mobile phones to run the Bitcoin blockchain all other blockchains should be possible since Bitcoin’s blockchain has 11 years of transaction history and is by far the longest chain to download. The Bitcoin blockchain is currently approaching 250 GB, this is a marvel in computer processing that you can take the entire distributed ledger in your pocket and on the go and verify transactions.

With this processing power Revelation Coin is seeking to show the world the true power of the free-market and blockchain based programmable money.


With no end in printing ‘money’ in the sights of central bankers, blockchain alternatives will continue to grow in admiration and popularity. Over the coming decades blockchain options will become as widely used as paper money and credit cards today in commerce and seem increasingly obvious to future generations of this digital epoch.

Revelation Coin is the cornerstone of the Revelation Coin Project that bares its name but the project has determined that it is beneficial to have complimentary coins to help trading on their blockchain.

Revelation Xtra Coins and total supplies:

Rev Silver (REVS) has a supply of 7,000,000

Rev Gold (REVG) has a supply of 700,000

Rev Platinum (REVP) has a supply of 70,000

Rev Diamond (REVD) has a supply of 7,000

The total Revelation Coin Supply: 20,000,000,000 and the Revelation Project states on their website that through smart contracts other projects will be able to issue tokens on their blockchain.





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