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Sishi Review Part II

This is Part II of my V Part Review on, if you missed Part I you can read it here.

Sishi has publicly stated they’re a project inspired by Bitcoin and are seeking to become the #1 Yield of Value Asset on Binance Smart Chain.

Price Analysis

Since last week’s article was published on May 25th, Sishi has marked up in price quite significantly. Over this timeframe Sishi is +72.4% or +7.24% per day on average.

The price of Sishi at the time of writing is $3.829.

Sishi is currently -92.8% from its peak made on April 12th, 2021 of $46.69.

The 24 hour trading volume for Sishi is $92,852.

BSC scan tracks the last 2 weeks of holders per asset on-chain. At the time of writing there are 2,202 Yishi addresses with a balance of more than zero. Sishi token holders have gone up almost everyday across the two week span that’s shown below.

Sishi’s market capitalization is $806,571 and it’s the 1,963 ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Sishi Pools

Sishi currently has 125 tokens available for exchange on It’s an impressive list of cryptocurrencies but there’s also some companies from the legacy market on the list like mAMZN, mGOOGL, mNFLX and mTSLA that are available to swap.

In next week's breakdown I’ll cover Part III of's review. Part III will cover the ‘sDocs’ section which includes their roadmap and features. I’ll also cover the audit(s) of their code.

Sishi’s Links:


Twitter reached out and asked me to cover their project. A deal was reached to do such. Always research projects on your own in addition to any other resources.

Nothing written or spoken by R.L. Bryer or produced on should be interpreted as financial or any other kind of advice.

Thanks for reading!

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