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Sishi Review Part III

This is Part III of a V Part review on This portion of the review is covering two sub-tabs of the site, SDOCS and Audit[s].

Quickly, before we dive into the bulk of the review, Sishi’s block reward was halved on June 14th, 2021 from .01 to .005.

Obviously, this event reduces the current and future rate of emissions [coins] available on the market.


100% of all the fees from sVault, StableSwap and their DEX are bought back and burnt.

So the obvious question is how do the developers make money on the project and make it worth their time?

The answer: The devs receive 4% of the block rewards to develop the project and as compensation for their collective efforts.

This is a common model that many DeFi projects are using to pay their devs and continue to innovate their protocols and sites.

Whether or not you appreciate this model is pretty subjective but I believe this is a fair model for all concerned.


The team decided to use the services of CertiK to audit their code.

CertiK is one of the most trusted security agencies in all of the blockchain space and trusted by many of the most important DeFi projects to ensure reliability and avoid exploits.

You can read about the CertiK audit of Sishi here.

*Please remember nothing written or spoken by R.L. Bryer is financial advice. reached out to R.L. about covering their project and a deal was struck to provide insight to the project. Always do your own research, don’t trust, verify.*

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