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Today, we live in a world that grows increasingly centralized by the moment. Most corporations, media, social media, have all become intertwined thanks to the monopolization that the state allows through backroom deals. Even most marketplaces are subsidiaries of larger entities or become conglomerates like Amazon after lobbying the state to increase their breadth of power.

Centralization is a spectrum however, and on this spectrum are entities that embrace the monopolies they’ve been granted by the state and on the other side sits blockchain projects that are embracing decentralization and sound money like TREOS and their marketplace over at

The TREOS ecosystem is a fair system that’s being built by everyday people that want a better system than the current ones available. While creating an ecosystem for everyone to enjoy, the goal is to create a vast and efficient ecosystem that can create social change and enable the free-market to flourish as it does naturally through spontaneous order and that’s not subject to the whim of overlords. is a providing an economy for the people and by the people which is what blockchain advocates around the world have been longing for. Through [marketplace] and TRO [stable-coin] a true point-of-sale system has been established and is well underway!

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A New and Better Ecosystem is Here Now!

By participating in this new marketplace and cryptocurrency, early adopters to the TREOS ecosystem are helping to pave the way for 21st century decentralized voluntary exchange. TREOS hopes to bring capitalism back and generate a world that can become increasingly absent of corporate and state greed.

There are also a number of ways to encourage other users to adopt this system and help out your fellow man. One such enticement is the TREOS Wishlist which ensures users get their desired goods through This program rewards those that help eager customers to get their goods with up to 8% returns through cooperation and voluntary action. Read more about the TREOS Wishlist Program in last week’s article.

How Does TREOS Work and What are The Origins of The Project?

TREOS is a newly launched worldwide ecosystem based in Malta which has been a safehaven for blockchain projects thus far. TREOS facilitates transactions in TRO which is pegged to gold. TRO Fuel Tokens vary in value but they’re anchored to one of the world’s oldest monies, gold. All TRO transactions are available on the TREOS blockchain which is a decentralized public ledger where anyone can check the ledger and ensure things are above board. has one of the best use cases today for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their platform is beginning to bridge the gap between traditional brick and mortar commerce, blockchain, and the digital decentralized world being built before everyone’s eyes.

TRO, TRE, TREOS — The Trinity of Denominations

TRO is the smallest unit of account used on the TREOS marketplace and the first fuel token is anchored to 1g of gold. Tre is the second unit available in the TREOS ecosystem and is pinned to 10 grams of gold. Lastly, the highest denomination in the TREOS marketplace and ecosystem is the TREOS, the TREOS is pegged to 100 grams of gold and most commonly used therefore for larger purchases on the platform.

TRO = price of 1 gram of gold

TRE = price of 10 grams of gold

TREOS = price of 100 grams of gold

Commerce is Increasingly Going Digital

The marketplace is a futuristic ecosystem of the present that others will hope to replicate. Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been so successful in the first 11 years of existence because the technology pushes boundaries and innovates. The digital era will be littered with innovation but having a place to show that Rome has been built and what its capable of is integral to mass adoption of crypto and freedom of individuals to transact upon voluntary accord.

Worldwide more than 10% of retail purchases are now online. In 2017, 10.2% of goods were purchased through an online marketplace. Those figures in 2017 accounted for more than 2.3 trillion dollars of the economic activity for consumer goods and as the graph above depicts are rising steadily each year.

Which Goods are Available for Purchase on the Marketplace?

There are a load of goods available on and the marketplace is increasingly attracting more buyers and sellers as more people get wind of this new economical paradigm. Whether consumers are seeking electronics, some new threads, or even a new car, has customers covered. continues to make strides to an increasingly fair economy through their marketplace and own cryptocurrency. I’ll be covering this project more as it develops over the coming weeks but in the meantime check it out, they’re doing great things — their base is also extremely passionate and worldwide so it’s likely you’ll meet some great people as well!

For more on TREOS in the coming weeks please subscribe to my Medium above. I’ll be breaking down this project further as & have come to mutually beneficial agreement as independent entities to work together. More specifically, is a sponsor of & The Vires in Numeris Podcast. Always do your own research when investing, you’re the captain of your own financial ship. Nothing written by is financial advice.

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