— Our Own Decentralized, Digital, Borderless, Free-Market Economy and their community have launched one of the most innovative projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community to date. From the onset of blockchain technology free-markets have been a key focus and primary goal. Today, TREOS has given the world a first of a kind, legal, decentralized, worldwide, digital, community-driven free-market economy based on blockchain technology. launched their beta for merchants on 17 December, 2018. Four months after they went LIVE on 3 April, 2019. The entire economy went fully LIVE on 31 December, 2019 and has been extremely successful since launch and is gaining popularity and momentum.

Monetary Supply Pegged to Gold

TREOS decided to peg their cryptocurrency to gold to create a stable-coin that encourages commerce between merchant and buyer absent price fluctuations in a highly volatile cryptocurrency market. They circumvented the volatility by pegging three different stable-coin units to three different denominations of gold.

TREOS has a Trinity of gold pegged Stable-Coins

TRO = price of 1 gram of gold TRE = price of 10 grams of gold TREOS = price of 100 grams of gold

TREOS Ecosystem is Constantly Improving

Of late, the TREOS momentum has been building as a number of additions to their economy have been developed and released to the TREOS community. One of these develops is a change to FIFO and how liquidity for merchants works within the TREOS economy. Geared to be fair and an economy for all people, TREOS needs their site to have a vast amount of liquidity to provide each merchant and customer with the best seller and shopper experience possible. These changes to FIFO are geared to provide merchants with the ability to restock their products at a faster rate.

They’re achieving this shift in liquidity to merchants at a faster clip by enabling a larger percentage of merchant TRO to be bought with crypto. Thus, with a larger percentage of crypto, the merchant will be more liquid and have more money on hand to restock their goods for the TREOS ecosystem.

In addition to providing a better use of liquidity to the ecosystem, the TREOS family has also added conversion buttons for their bounty program. These buttons are for those that have accumulated bounty points and provided the TREOS economy with a service. These rewards have been and will be rewarded to those that help fulfill orders and the desires of the TREOS economy.

Users of the TREOS Economy will now be able to convert and sell the TRO they’ve earned. These implementations were made last week and were pushed to live site on Monday.

An Economy for Everyone Worldwide

In addition to all of the advancements being made from the TREOS team, the community of merchants is growing steadily and there are countless great products on the site. From a Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet to an Apple iPhone XS Max or even a Honda Civic automobile, there’s quality goods available at for everyone.


Merchants are responsible for making sure shipping goes smoothly. Shipping quotes and arranging shipping falls on behalf of the merchants. Merchants are also responsible to ensure that all items are properly packaged and arrive to customers in good condition and shipped accordingly with international jurisdictions.


The website and economy is available in 8 different languages which encompasses the most spoken ones around the world! Currently, the website is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Swedish. Providing the TREOS community with multiple languages allows merchants and customers around the world to take part in the ecosystem and a fair economy. It also avoids isolating particular regions which would otherwise not be able to communicate with community members and create barrier to entry in a truly fair free-market system.

Growing International Community

The TREOS family is one of the most devote and committed communities around the world. To see how much admiration the TREOS family has for this economy, check out the TREOS Twitter account and the love it gets from all of the merchants and buyers that truly believe in creating a new fair economy that is inclusive to all and provides a universal currency for all users of this ecosystem.

Embracing Progress Across Social Media

Give TREOS a follow on Twitter and watch as they continue to grow and serve the people around the world that want to embrace freedom and open markets. This is our way out of the current suffering, the suffering caused by the ills of central banked economies, endless printing, and debasement of purchasing power.

TREOS Growth Continues

By pegging their cryptocurrency to gold and actually encouraging a fair and worldwide system for all, TREOS has the opportunity to onboard more cryptocurrency users than any other online economy that exists today. Old economies are bulky and are littered with central intermediaries and third party inconveniences that slow down the process. Moreover, the TREOS way eliminates the typical points of failure and issues that arise in legacy systems that destroy markets and care very little about freedom, wealth creation, and fairness for all parties.

Check out the TREOS website and think about joining a new way of business, one that is inclusive, fair, and will grow as more people realize the true value of the cryptocurrency based TREOS economy!

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