- The Precedent for New Digital Marketplaces

TREOS is truly taking the new digital epoch by storm and setting a new precedent for where cryptocurrency and e-commerce merge. The TREOS Family is spread all over the world and has a very passionate following thus far. The team has worked very hard to create a new and innovative cryptocurrency and digital marketplace to bring blockchain and e-commerce into this new decade.

Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency & E-Commerce

TREOS is a one of a kind innovative project that has pegged its cryptocurrency’s value to that of the world’s most tried and battle-tested money, gold. The TREOS project chose to peg their cryptocurrency, TRO, to gold in hopes to help drive commerce in cryptocurrency on their platform. Their belief is that cryptocurrency adoption as a medium of exchange will increase in rate with less volatility day to day in value. While gold fluctuates some day to day, in comparison to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies today its less volatile.

It’s not only a gold backed crypto that TREOS has decided to move forward with but they’ve mixed their cryptocurrency [TRO] with an innovative e-commerce platform that will undoubtedly be the future of the digital economy.

TREOS & Wealth Creation

One of the most beautiful aspects of cryptocurrency and therefore what TREOS has built through a stable-coin and marketplace online is the ability for capitalism [spontaneous order] to flourish. The free-market has provided society with the highest living standards known to man and new innovations such as TREOS are always welcomed.

With this new ability for people all over the world to gather online while buying and selling goods not denominated in fiat, it’s a win / win for everyone involved. Living in this increasingly digital epoch it’s important companies like TREO assume the risks of starting innovative first of a kind businesses to move society forward.

The power of the free-market is illuminated through TRO and the TREOS Marketplace. The culmination could inevitably provide the star-power the blockchain space needs to reach mass adoption. As tools such as these that TREOS has built and continue to build become easier and more commonplace, the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem grows in utility and strength. These are the applications that need to be built to onboard blockchain / cryptocurrency novices.

Important Milestones

TREOS began their Merchant beta on December 17, 2018 and 4 months later went live on April 3rd, 2019. The entire platform was full live on December 31st, 2019, so this is really an opportunity for users to get in on TREOS from nearly the onset and carve out a niche on the platform for success.

The TREOS Platform

Throughout the world central banks continue to debase nation state currencies. Alternative currencies such as TRO and the marketplace the TREOS team built will prove incalculable in value added to the world market.

The TREOS Marketplace Platform is comprised of 9 categories under which merchants can list their goods. Categories: Arts & Collectibles, Automotive, Beauty & Cosmetics, Business & Industrial, Children & Baby, Electronics, Events & Entertainment, Fashion & Accessories, Fitness & Sports.

TREOS is super easy for customers and merchants to utilize. Sign-ups take very little time but are important to provide each user with a safe and secure platform.

The merchant platform has everything from small consumer electronics to even high price luxury cars and everything in between.

Affiliate Marketing & Bounties

For those that are interested in a more passive route of income in the TREOS Network, TREOS has made an affiliate marketing system available. Those that are interested in this system should check out the website but I’ll be breaking this down in further articles. This system is highlighted by bounties that they call their Bounty system.

A Safe Platform

Customers and merchants should also feel at ease using the TREOS platform. Further, the marketplace is state of the art and users utilize TRO as the medium of exchange in this innovative and fast moving eco-system that’s been built as a new framework for the digital epoch. TREOS is in compliance with AML and KYC processes, so all users should feel safe and understand the rules upon signup. Always do your own research to make sure that you’re following the guidelines in your country because you’re the captain of your own ship but TREOS has done everything possible to protect their users.

Buying & Selling

Merchants also have the ability to not only list items much like eBay or other popular commerce sites but they also have the ability to create their own TREOS Stores. Inside these stores is where the magic happens and merchants can sell their goods; furthermore, merchants and customers alike are ranked on their performance through a ranking system. This ranking system enables participants in the TREOS Marketplace to buy and sell at ease and not worry about exchanges.

TREOS Wishlist

Customers also have the ability to create a TREOS Wishlist which is a state of the art system. Their wishlist allows customers to gain access to goods for cryptocurrency that are not yet available internally on the TREOS Marketplace. This one of a kind wishlist enables customers to find certain goods online where TREOS tokens are not yet accepted. If Jenny wants an item she finds on an external site but can’t order it because it isn’t available on TREOS Marketplace yet, there’s a way around this problem. On TREOS, another user, Jim, is willing to buy the good for Jenny with a credit card or PayPal account and ship the item to Jenny’s address in return for Jenny’s agreed upon TREOS tokens bonus rate.

By allowing users to pull items from external e-commerce sites through the TREOS Wishlist Program, the ecosystem grows exponentially in value and users.

This arrangement works because Jenny needs help purchasing said item and is willing to offer Jim a reward to purchase her item in exchange for TREOS tokens. Therefore Jenny lists the swimsuit on the TREOS Wishlist and offers a reward to purchase the item. Jim is surfing the site and finds this opportunity to help Jenny while earning some extra TREOS and decides to act in his best interest. Each party ends up happier than before, the essence of voluntary exchange and capitalism executed again through the TREOS marketplace. The TREOS Wishlist sets a minimum default of a 3% reward offering however a user can offer as high as a 8% bonus. For more details on the TREOS Wishlist check out this dedicated page over at for more.

The TREOS economy is a state of the art design and innovation that needs more attention — I’ll be covering more details as time goes on about this new digital economy.

For more on TREOS in the coming weeks please subscribe to my Medium above. I’ll be breaking down this project further as & have come to mutually beneficial agreement as independent entities to work together. More specifically, is a sponsor of & The Vires in Numeris Podcast. Always do your own research when investing, you’re the captain of your own financial ship. Nothing written by is financial advice.

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