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Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports Crowns UFHL Corona Cup Champion

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports has officially crowned the Corona Cup Champion of their hockey league, the UFHL. The world’s first and premier blockchain based fantasy sports league decided to play a Corona Cup simulation during the league's downtime during covid-19.

UFFS is an erc-20 built atop of the Ethereum blockchain that’s merging fantasy sports with blockchain technology.

The Corona Cup was won in Game 6 of a potential 7 Game Series between the Texas Tornadoes and Duckmans Domination. The Tornadoes were representing the Allan Conference and Domination was representing the Legends Coference. Duckmans Domination closed out the Series in 6 Games edging out the Tornadoes, 4–2 for the Series nod and first ever Cup Championship.

Duckmans Domination Celebrate The First League Championship at Center Ice. Photo Credit: Ambergris

When I spoke in May to Larry Fisher, Communication and Content Director for UFFS, we talked about which aspects UFHL and other GMs moving forward in other leagues should do to approach their franchises success. Some general managers will play the shorter game and try to buy as many established talents as possible, the stars and old pros but other will play the long game. The long game moving forward will be a lot more strategic and include scouting the up and comers in the sport in Juniors and building something that could more potentially become a dynasty over time.

Fantasy Scouting Officially Launches

Fantasy scouting is now underway for UFFS and is broken down as follows. We officially launched our fantasy scouting today — so now we need to sign up some scouts, with the first 25 receiving 2,500 score tokens (equivalent to $50 USD) and the next 50 receiving 1,250 score tokens ($25 USD). Register here:

UFHL General Manager Positions Available

There are 3 different owners in the UFHL that are seeking a GM. General managers are responsible to run the hockey operations for their franchise. Just as in real life, the owner will be responsible for the money aspect of the organization and the GM will run the day to day moves. It’s up to each individual owner and GM to work out compensation. UFHL is currently accepting applications and creating a pool of GM candidates for owners to choose from.

If interested, please submit your fantasy resumes — complete with references and proof of accolades — to

UFHL Facts

The UFHL is comprised of 31 franchises and each organization has one or multiple owners. Rosters include 23 spots for players and are put together at the whim of the organization’s owner(s) and general manager. Each franchise has a protected list to manage players that are active and on standby to fill a roster position on a general managers whim.

No two organizations can manage the same players and all players are tokenized as are franchises on the Ethereum blockchain. Any organization that wants to sell a player or franchise can do so for the right price since the assets are decentralized with quick settlement and very easily moveable.

The UFHL is just the beginning of Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports and further leagues are in development. News on those leagues will be broken as soon as it becomes available for public consumption.


- Twitter: @uffsports

- YouTube: UFFS

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