VINX Coin Applies Wine Backed Assets to Stable-Coin Future

VINX Coin is a brand new project that is still in the funding phase but has launched their ERC-20 token. VINX is a stable-coin that is backed by a number of fine wines and vineyard assets based in France. Erick Sabelskjold is the founder of Vinito Capital Management [VCM] and VINX Coin and wants to provide easy access to fractional reserve investing in their fine wines and vineyards.

Fine wines and vineyards investing have been some of the most popular in recent years in the investing world, VINX Coin believes tokenization of this asset class is the future of the space.

VINX is using the value of their fine wine and vineyard portfolio to back the VINX stable-coin they believe will change the wine investing game forever. Team VINX believes everyone deserves the opportunity to invest in what they enjoy and through tokenization of Vinito Capital Management, wine and vineyard enthusiasts of different economic classes can partake in owning part of this business.

The wine business is one of the most profitable and largely invested in businesses in the world. Before tokenization was possible, the barrier to entry in investing in these sort of businesses was slim to none. Today however, as more and more businesses find out about the benefits of tokenization to business and partners alike, the path seems likely for exponential growth in tokenized projects. 

VINX Coin decided to make use of Vitalik Buterin's ultra successful project he launched in 2014, Ethereum. Ethereum enables blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to tokenize their own projects atop of the Ethereum [ETH] blockchain with a process known as an ERC-20. ERC-20s have been extremely valuable to the blockchain community since they've gained in popularity. Many of the most successful projects in the cryptocurrency space have launched as ERC-20s and not on their own proprietary blockchain.

By launching on Ethereum, VINX Coin already has the security of a pre-existing blockchain network and a formidable paradigm to structure their project around. 

Wine enthusiasts around the world have allocated their wealth in fine wines and vineyards for centuries; moreover, they're beacons in this business that have become staples in the investing community and Vinito Capital Management already has millions in management as noted on their websites and publications. The value in tokenizing VINX Coin and their portfolio is unlimited and makes trading pieces of the business seamless, instantaneous, and etched in digital amber on blockchain.

Vinito Capital Management boasts a history of 10–38% returns according to the VINX Coin site. Through the assets backed by Vinito Capital Management, VINX is expecting to pay a quarterly dividend of at least 5%.

Available now is the MetaMask address to download your VINX Wallet to your browser now. MetaMask makes it easy for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens to send and receive tokens. If you don't have it, just go to Google and download MetaMask. Then head over to the VINX Coin site and use the wallet address pictured below to import your VINX Coin Wallet before purchasing any VINX.

VINX does accept credit cards all over the world. The details of their process is available on their website but it's seamless for those around the world that want to partake in this brand new stable-coin.

By allowing VINX Coin proponents to pay through the existing cryptocurrencies above, those wanting to grab some VINX can do so without bothering with traditional payment processors if desired.

Check out the VINX Coin white paper which has recently been released and is now available on their website! I'll be breaking down VINX Coin further in future articles so make sure to Subscribe to for future updates on VINX and other blockchain projects around the world! 

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Always do your own research in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space and make sure any investments in the space are legal in your territory - you're the captain of your own financial ship! Note: VINX COIN is a sponsor of & the Vires in Numeris Podcast.


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