VINX COIN [Stable-Coin] Security Token Offering Now Open to Public

Today, the blockchain era is coming into its own and maturing to include physical assets and a wide variety of options to investors. No longer is blockchain solely based on money as a medium of exchange application. Security Token Offering’s like VINX COIN are now emerging and being embraced by investment fanatics. More than ever investors want to participate in digital offerings and have a stake in their favorite companies and investment groups through digital tokenization secured by blockchain technology.

Technology increases and expands in breadth rapidly and the companies that are moving into the blockchain realm are going to have the first mover advantage over other companies that are laggards and drag behind in innovation and adoption. One such innovative project is VINX COIN which is providing everyone with an internet connection the ability to own part of their success backed by the portfolio of Vinito Capital Management.

VCM’s French vineyards and winery’s are being introduced to the public through a process known as tokenization. Each investor secures their portion of ownership in their French winery’s and vineyard company on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain has nearly zero downtime, so it allows investors to hold onto their assets [security tokens] and move them at their leisure like never before. Moreover, unlike traditional investing there isn’t frustrating pauses or ‘after hours’ where assets are offline or out of reach when traditional markets are closed to investors.

What is an STO?

Securities in the traditional sense allow for investors to participate in the success of publicly traded companies, a creditor relationship with a governmental body/corporation, or rights to ownership as represented by an option. A security token is a tokenized, digital form of these traditional securities. In the very near future, most if not every business will tokenize and investors will be able to own a portion of their favorite companies, funds, etcetera. Tokenized assets make ownership easily accounted for and tradable. This methodology also eliminates many traditional barriers to entry. Holding assets on the blockchain through cryptographically secured private key management is the new world absent of central intermediaries. The future is emerging now and the future of asset management is trust-minimized thanks to blockchain technology.

The VINX in VINXcoin stands for Wine and Vineyard Investment Fund. The fund is backed by an already functioning and profitable business – Vinito Capital Management .

VCM provide smart wine funds that enable investors to participate in wine and vineyard investing while maintaining custody of their investments through tokenization.

Vinito Capital Management comprised of a group of wine, vineyard, and blockchain enthusiasts have a successful history of finding the best wines for public and institutional investors. They’re determined to provide inclusive and easy access to their success moving forward with yield capital investments for all participants. The VCM group also wants to realize their aim of making ownership of a portion of their business and its success a seamless reality through tokenization.

Vinito Capital Management currently has €32M under current asset management and a proven track record of over 3 years cultivating their business and sales in the fine wine and vineyard business. Vinito Capital Management is the leading investment group for alternative investing in exclusively fine wines and vineyards across the world. VCM offers a free financial guide to wine investing here.

By tokenizing their brand, VINX COIN enables the average person to invest through a STO in something they’re passionate about and believe in.

The Security Token offering of VINX COIN is being made available in three phases. Currently, the VINX COIN’s STO is in Phase One: The Pre-STO Phase. The Pre-STO Phase is available to only early investors in the project and for Ethereum [ETH]. For those that wish to participate in the VINX STO Pre-STO Phase the cost per 10,000 VINX COINS is one Ethereum.

Phase Two: of the VINX COIN STO is open to all investors that wish to partake in the security token offering. The cost is 1 Ethereum and investors will receive 5,000 VINX COIN in return. 

Phase Three: of the VINX COIN STO is the final round for public investment. 1 Ethereum during this round is the equivalent of 2,000 VINX COINS.

How does VINX COIN work? 

VINX COIN is a Stable-Coin ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain has been extremely successful in allowing other blockchains to launch on their proprietary blockchain. Billions of dollars in value have been tokenized through the ERC-20 methodology and VINX COIN decided that launching on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 enables them to take advantage of a super successful and highly secure blockchain while reaching market demand with their STO sooner rather than later.

The goal of VINX COIN is to grow the capital of investors while providing a stable-coin to represents transfers of assets in the fine wine and vineyard ecosystem.

Investors take regular fiat currency and send it to a smart contract that executes through an ERC-20 and in return your assets become tokenized as VINX COINS. Each quarter VINX COIN promises a 5% return on investments.

Who can participant in VINX COIN’s STO?

Investment in VINX COIN’s STO is available in nearly every country around the world. Only a few countries haven’t embraced Security Token Offerings to date. Participants should make sure all investments are legal in your jurisdiction; furthermore, not just for STO’s but all capital investments as the world becomes more decentralized and connected it’s important to stay up to date on regulations. The vast majority of countries however have embraced Security Token Offerings, most noting they support them since they’re backed by tangible assets such as Vinito Capital’s vineyards and winery’s in this particular case. Vinito Capital Management over the last calendar year despite the cryptocurrency market performing well was still the victor over most cryptocurrencies outperforming almost all of them. The ability to participate in STO’s such as VINX COIN from the onset is a revolutionary step in finance and a first of its kind in the wine business.



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Always do your own research [dyor] in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space and make sure any investments in the space are legal in your territory, you're the captain of your own financial ship.


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