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ZenSports Paving the Way in P2p Decentralized Sports Wagers

ZenSports is a new sportsbook that allows for P2p wagers that are entirely decentralized. ZenSports unlike traditional online sportsbooks or old brick and mortar casinos that have sportsbooks are employing technology and the free-market to provide a truly revolutionary product to their customers.

In contrast to the legacy sportsbook system that is a fiat driven system and singularly focused on control through centralization, ZenSports has gone out of their way to make decentralization the future. The legacy sportsbook model takes large fees and is a slow — it’s a bogged down process just to deposit and enable wagers. ZenSports is freeing players of the legacy framework that is slow and often troublesome when prying eyes and annoying banks get involved. ZenSports is freeing their patrons by allowing deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology.

Deposits and withdrawals are made available on ZenSports in Bitcoin, SPORT, and fiat. The goal of blockchain technology is to provide options to people in the world of currency and free us from the roadblocks that get in the way of spontaneous order and true free markets and expedite the process of exchange. Excluding traditional intermediaries and banks that hamper and slow the process allows for companies like ZenSports to create and innovate products never before seen.

ZenSports is built atop of the ICON blockchain. ICON is a decentralized blockchain that’s encouraging other projects to launch their blockchain atop of their proprietary chain. Much like Ethereum, ICON is working to encourage projects to launch off of their platform with the utility they already inherently provide such as network security provided by prior blockchain transactions. The ICON team prides itself in providing an ecosystem that allows for decentralized value exchanges that are borderless and essential to wealth production which are outlined in their white paper. It makes perfect sense that a decentralized sportsbook like ZenSports wanted to build their SPORT Utility Token atop this ecosystem which encourages fluid voluntary exchange.

By users of ZenSports using the SPORT Utility Token they’re going to save 1.5% on their wagers when compared to Bitcoin or fiat fees. ZenSports fees in BTC and fiat are already quite low at 2.5% but the majority of bets today are being wagered in the SPORT Utility Token because who doesn’t like to keep more of their money. By taking advantage of nearly instantaneous settlement atop their own blockchain, the process of patrons settling up with each other on wagers is lightning fast.

There are so many reasons why ZenSports is superior to the rest of the sportsbooks in operation today. Not only do they have a leg up on being tokenized, they also supply their customers with data from over 26 leagues. By providing access to data on leagues throughout the world, ZenSports enables players that love just a little edge to comb through all of the data before placing a wager.

One of the most important things today in our society is privacy. The spectrum of privacy is vast with zero privacy on the left and complete privacy and anonymity on the right. Traditional sportsbooks that have a centralized point of failure and KYC negate the players ability to wager anonymously. ZenSports enables players to wager P2p anonymously on the right portion of that spectrum where our data and Rights belong. With one tap players can wager with people across the world with complete anonymity and enjoy wagering on their favorite clubs in the comfort of their own home — welcome to the era of blockchain and decentralized gaming!

To begin wagering through the ZenSports ecosystem just download their app on the Apple iOS app store or through the Google app store for Android today.




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