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UFF Sports Playoffs Underway and Stable-Coin Development in Beta!

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is a one of a kind Fantasy Sports League that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. UFF Sports launched late 2019 as an ERC-20 atop the ETH blockchain and has revolutionized fantasy sports.

UFF Sports held their league draft for NHL players last year and teams are comprised of players drafted by team owners just like in professional sports. Owners are in charge of coming together with the league to determine team names, logos, uniforms, rosters and more! There’s no other league like UFF Sports in the world and hockey is only the beginning of what has already transpired.

UFF Sports has game simulations currently playing out and you can watch the hockey playoffs weekly online. The link to the UFF Sports YouTube Channel is at the footer of this article.

I recently spoke via Zoom to the league’s creator, Tony C., and he gave some updates on the organization’s first league. There are 5 teams that are available for ownership currently but in reality all 32 teams are always for sale, he said. The idea, just like in professional sports for billionaires, is to operate your organization from the onset to be profitable and gain momentum over time. By tokenizing teams and players, the pieces the leagues are comprised of are interchangeable and effectively always for sale. This is undoubtedly the future of all fantasy leagues; furthermore, where assets will gain value based on performance year to year in regards to numerous metrics.

The future of fantasy sports is being played out before us with UFF Sports. In the future every single league will employ this method, the old world of fantasy sports will be no more. By tokenization and creating leagues that operate on the Ethereum blockchain, dynasties can be created and real world value will be created. As more people pile into Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports, word of mouth will take over and the value of each franchise will grow exponentially.

Stable Coin Coming and Development in Beta!

The league is also working on a stable coin pegged to $.02 cents and staking! The staking website is currently in beta and will allow participants to stake their coins to a certain club according to the teams performance and record.

Participants in the league will be able to stake coins for one team against another team. So participants in the league can stake Team A versus Team B for the night or week and whichever has more fantasy points at the end of the week takes the tokens that’ve been staked over that duration.

Another great feature to staking coins is that when coins are moved, the team owner gets a portion of the rewards. This incentivizes club ownership since rewards will be given to successful clubs. This program will be known as the Velocity Program as it is currently being developed and will be rolled out soon.

Hockey is Just the Beginning

UFF Sports launched with hockey because the team is full of hockey enthusiasts and primarily located in Canada. This won’t stop them from expanding into other sports soon however. UFFS is planning on expanding into basketball, football, baseball, and all major sports soon. So, if you’re not a hockey expert or fan, make sure you sign up on their site for notifications. By doing so you’ll be notified upon upcoming launches of your favorite sports and you’ll potentially be able to get in on the ground floor and become an owner.


- Twitter: @uffsports

- YouTube: UFFS

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